Sandlot Baseball

The sights and sounds of America's Pastime can still be heard at The Sandlot, formerly the Mickey Owen Baseball School. Mickey's dream of teaching kids to play the game the right way continues under the direction of Brad Longley and Tom Cox.

Combining old school work ethic with the newest innovations and techniques, Sandlot Baseball offers players an opportunity to take their game to the next level. Whether you're a newcomer to the sport or an experienced performer, The Sandlot can help you reach your full potential.

Come enjoy youth baseball instruction at its finest, in our history-laden complex in the heart of the Ozarks and at some of the finest indoor facilities in the area.

The Sandlot Baseball Complex has six beautiful, age-appropriate fields where kids from 8-18 can play baseball from April to August. We have 13 Tournaments scheduled in 2019, and have numerous Day and Overnight Camps planned throughout the winter, spring and summer.

Thank you for the overwhelming support of coaches, players, parents and fans. Because of you, The Sandlot lives on.

We hope you'll join us, and look forward to hearing those immortal words, "Play Ball!"


Coaches' Packet & Information

Major league USSSA baseball rules are followed with a few exceptions for play at The Sandlot.

Teams must supply 2 new baseballs per game. Teams should shag balls on their side of the field. On deck hitters should shag foul balls to the backstops to help catchers and umpires.

Pitching: USSSA baseball pitching rules are encouraged. Actual innings and pitch count are left up to the players’ coaches.

Bats:  The bats on the USSSA Withdrawn and/or Disallowed Bat Model List are not allowed to be used at The Sandlot for safety reasons.  There are no other bat restrictions.

Scorekeeper: The home team is the official book for the game. The scorekeeper must be identified prior to the game to the home plate umpire and visiting team. Score should be verified with each scorekeeper and home plate umpire every half inning.

Coach Pitch:  Players get 3 swinging strikes or 5 pitches.  If a player hits a foul ball on 5th or subsequent pitches, he will receive an additional pitch.  One defensive coach is allowed in the field.  All other coaches are to remain in the dugout area. 

Games tied at the end of regulation may end in a tie.  Because of the large number of teams wanting to play at The Sandlot and the need to stay on schedule, we do not play extra innings.

Foul and abusive language is not tolerated by fans, coaches, or players. It is the coaches responsibility to handle their fans. The tournament director has the right to remove any or all fans from the park and forfeit the team involved. Coaches ejected are also ejected from the following game unless allowed by the tournament director.

Protest: We don't have protests at The Sandlot.  In the event of a rule dispute, interpretation will be made by the home plate umpire and/or tournament director. The tournament director has final say.  Age and grade based status are per USSSA rules.

In the event of rain, the tournament director may alter time limits, reduce the number of teams playing, or make any other decision that would help complete the tournament.

Rainout numbers are for HEAD COACHES ONLY: Brad Longley (417) 466-5653 or Tom Cox (417) 737-3548

Rain refund: 1 game played – 50% returned, two games played – No Refund.

FREE ADMISSION for coaches, players and fans. Coolers are allowed into the facility. Gas and/or charcoal grills are NOT allowed under any circumstances!

Absolutely NO ALCOHOL is allowed in the park! Smoking/Vaping are ONLY allowed in the parking lot.

Time Limits

14U & up 1 hr 40 min, max 7 innings

13U 1 hr 30 min max, 6 innings

11U & 12U 1 hr 30 min, max 6 innings

9U & 10U 1 hr 20 min, max 6 innings

8U 1 hr 15 min, max 5 innings

*No inning will begin with 5 min or less remaining

Run Rule: 12 after 3, 8 after 4.

Pool Play Tiebreaker: Least runs allowed. Head to Head. Run Differential. Coin Toss.


Sandlot Baseball Complex
Location:  18071 Highway 96 • Miller, MO 65707
Mailing Address:  518 W. Mt. Vernon Blvd. • Mt. Vernon, MO 65712